Havasu 2015

I wish I could say I took this photo, but whoever did you're one lucky mofo ? @alyssa_bokovoy @daniellefisser

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She wants to #freethenipple but #instagram wants me to #censorthenipple #asu

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Random Dayger in Trigo

Spring Break Havasu 2014

Good luck on finals and life after College!

isla vista in mourning

I will post the spring break pictures sometime this weekend.

Party List

No more rain! Time to rage again!

3/6/2014 Thursday

Men's Basketball vs. Hawai'i (LAST HOME GAME!)

775 camino del sur appt d 2 - Random rager/kick back

6643 Trigo - Sb Snow Club: Hooters and Shooters

3/7/2014 Friday

Free UBER Taxi - $25 Promo Code:"sbpartyscene"

3/8/2014 Saturday

6684 DP - CHEERS TO 21 !

6656 Pasado - The Fire Department Live in IV feat. The Olés

Big Events

4/5/2014 - Deltopia 2014

Del Topia - Page 1

Deltopia - Page 2

4/25/2014 - Alumni Weekend

Don't drink and drive! UBER is giving away free rides(up to $25)! Also if you've used the coupon already it's only $25 from IV to DT and generally under $25 from anywhere in SB. It's cheaper than a DUI and it prevents you from harming innocent people!


Learn more about UBER from the Daily Nexus article.

P.S. If you can't afford a safe transportation, you can't afford to go out!

UBER Greek Pilanthropy Pictures

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Free taxi ride from UBER - Promo Code SBPS

(party list down below)

Party List 11/15/2013 Friday

Harder Stadium - Men's Soccer Semi Finals 7pm

6745 DP - CEO's and HOE's(themed party)

6647 Sueno - Snow/Surf Club - Beanies and Bikinis(themed party)

6773 DP - DJ Alan Deroo

Free UBER Taxi - Promo Code:SBPS

Saturday - 11/16/2013

Day Rager - 6745 DP - Oct 19

Halloween 2013

Lands on a Thursday this year. So here's the rough schedule.
Thursday - 10/31/2013
Del Playa - 9pm-12am(no music) but people will be there... also at 12am - Zombie Run in DP.
Downtown -10:30pm -1:30am
Friday - 11/1/2013
Del Playa(people still dress up) - 10pm-12am
DT(some people still dress up)
Saturday - 11/2/2013
Del Playa(people still dress up) - 10pm-12am
I'll add the parties as they come.


My Halloween Survival Advice:

1. Don't drink on the streets...
2. Don't drink on the streets...
3. Tell all your friends about rule 1 and 2.
4. Don't carry any props, the cops take them away. From plastics props to anything that may look like a weapon.
5. Don't carry any open container.
6. Don't carry any drugs.
7. Hide all your shit, iphones, laptops pretty much anything valuable... I suggest taking them back home if possible.
8. Don't play any music after 6pm.
9. Don't park in IV, especially around DP. (tip:get a parking pass at UCSB or park your car somewhere in Goleta.

UCSB Ranked #2 Party School in Country

Campus Also Featured in Princeton Review’s Top 10 Lists for ‘Lots of Beer,’ ‘Lots of Hard Liquor,’ and ‘Reefer Madness’


From the local SB youtubers Whatever

and Andrea..

Undie Run 2013

Check out the SBPartyscene YouTube Channel

Party List

Saturday 7/27/2013

6728 DP - I guess this is the summer rage house...


ucsb halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 Pictures

Notice about FB account...(it's maxed out)

I just realized that not everyone got the message that my Facebook has been maxed out... FB has a 5000 limit so I can't really add anymore people and when I do they randomly delete someone sometimes... If I meet you and you really want to add the page please send me a msg.

Solution: FB PAGE, add my FB page instead, there is no friend limit on it and I'm posting all my pictures in the FB Page now so like the page instead.


RULES: (for the newbs)

Break them and you will get a ticket!

1. Do not drink at the party! Ticket: MIP(minor in possesion)

2. Do not carry anything that contains alcohol! Ticket: open container

3. Do not get to drunk! Ticket: Drunk in Public

4. Do not pee in public(streets, bushes, of the cliff) Ticket: Indicent exposure

5. Do not fight! Ticket: This could be a felony

6. Do not play music after 11:59pm in the weekends and 10pm on the weekdays. Ticket: Noise Violation

7. I'm sure there are more important rules that I forgot to write so please msg them to me via FB and I will add them to the list.

P.S. If three people in a party gets a ticket the whole party gets shut down and the party host gets a ticket.

Only in UCSB... two girls passed out drunk in campus...

The weird part is its right by the engineering building?
photo credit: Silviano Torres